Monday, May 08, 2006

The Toronto Ostrich farm

More evidence of the global Left’s complete inability to accept the reality of the world as it is. The Brussels Journal has a great example of the suicide-lust of the “religious” left, but there is also a great example of the “I want to feel good about myself….” Cognitive dissonance of the secular Left in The Toronto Star. A classic, “We want someone else to do the hard work we want to pretend doesn’t exist….we would rather do something that makes us feel so much better then all those troglodytes around us….”
The peace agreement in Darfur opens up an opportunity for Canada to get back to its trademark United Nations peacekeeping role and ease its way out of the ill-advised U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.

Our initial deployment in Kabul in 2001 involved peacemaking. Our troops secured the city with force and tact, using little of the former but a lot of the latter, winning kudos worldwide.

But without telling Canadians the whole truth, Gen. Rick Hillier and the Paul Martin Liberals committed our troops in Kandahar to U.S. command and also the failed U.S. war on terrorism.

By most accounts, the Taliban are all over the south in greater numbers than at any time since they were toppled and are ambushing foreign troops and terrorizing the local population.

Foreign soldiers and their Afghan helpers may rule by day but it is the Taliban writ that runs at night, with the civilians caught in-between, pressed for "intelligence" by one side and squeezed for food, money and protection by the other.

This is the archetypal nightmare scenario of societies under siege, like Chechnya and Vietnam. We need to get out of it, not because it is dangerous but because it is of dubious value.
Canada is so much better than these peoples' strategy. For those who remember the useful-idiot Left of the Cold War, this is not shocking. They deeply desire for the world to reflect their world view – if the Real World is different, they will simply ignore it or lie about it. To do anything else is to force them to consider that they may have to rethink their self-perceived perfection. Perhaps, me dear infidel friend, they will kill or convert you last….though I think not.

Act like that, and we just might let the Danes have you.

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