Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Europe should be so lucky

There is no question we need to get control of our unbalanced immigration problem; so we have immigration vice migration. That being said, despite all the hyperbole from nativists and reconquistas on both sides, unlike Europe, our immigrants will, if we fix it, mix in just fine.

Personally, I cannot stand the artificial construct “Hispanic.” It is so bugus. It isn’t racial, it isn’t cultural, it isn't even regional. Spain=Portugal=Chile=Argentina=Italy=Brazil=Honduras? Try to tell a Gonzalez from Spain he is the same as one from Mexico or Cuba or Columbia….or Chile. As a matter of fact, I invite you to stand up at a Cuban restaurant and say something like, “Cuban, Mexican…food or people, they are all the same.” I’ll tell your wife you loved her for you.

Anyway……our big problem in an unbalance of illegal immigrants from Mexico as a percentage. Big gobs of folks from any one place is never good. Folded in with the gaggle from Central and South America, on balance they are really just Catholics with a South American/Mediterranean angle to them. Not that different from the base culture of the U.S. Europe on the other hand is being swamped by non-Western Muslims. A whole different ball of wax. If you can swim through the Leftist Cant, here is a data point from Hispanics in the military. Yep, we’re fine. Just a little fine tuning, and we'll be fine. There is no greater assimilator than the U.S. military.
On the ground in San Jose, Army recruiter Sgt. Brian Ditzler recently fashioned a theory behind the numbers. Ditzler, who was raised by his mother in Corozal, Puerto Rico, and speaks fluent Spanish, staffed a booth during the city's Cinco de Mayo festival. He said of the 22 recruits he enlisted last year, 15 were Latino.
"The remarkable thing that is consistent with Latinos is the sense of pride," Ditzler said. "More than any other group, they have a deep sense of pride about serving for this country."

By comparison, Ditzler observed that his Asian American enlistees were more interested in job-training skills, while African Americans spoke of college tuition as the trade-off. Whites, the recruiter observed, were most intrigued by the "sense of adventure" the Army provided.

"So, knowing that Latinos were focused more on pride," Ditzler added, "that's the thing I'm going to show them: how they can make themselves and their families proud."
For more empirical evidence, researchers such as Asch are just now beginning to examine the results from field studies. Already consistent with Ditzler's observations, Asch said recent post-enlistment surveys indicate Latinos noted "patriotism" and "service to country" as the top two reasons for joining, as well as "duty" and "honor."
Oh, here is one for the retrograde Diversity Pimps - a Ditzler from Puerto Rico. Hispanic? How about a Martinez from Oslo? Snicker.

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