Friday, May 19, 2006

Guerrilla war on the Severn

Everyone here remember "SaltyGate?" Funny if not so insane. Well, if you will pardon the pun, looks like someone isn't taking things lying down.
A Naval Academy instructor set to stand trial on allegations of sexual harassment has filed an equal opportunity complaint with the Navy, citing "gender-based double standards" in how the school handles such claims.

Lt. Bryan Black, who is accused of using crude and sexually explicit language in front of a mixed group of midshipmen last summer, wrote a detailed account of "off color, wholly inappropriate remarks" made from the lectern at an athletic association dinner May 9.

The letter states that the dinner was attended by several high-ranking academy officials, including the deputy commandant of midshipmen.

The claim, filed two days later, says an unidentified female track coach introduced a female hammer thrower by explaining that the hammer is a steel ball connected by chain to a handle. She then said, according to the letter: "Only real women can handle steel balls."

Later at the event, a Navy swimmer asked Athletic Director Chet Gladchuck if he would buy the steak dinner he promised the team if it went undefeated during the season. The master of ceremonies at the event, whom the letter did not identify, then made a joke using a vulgar term for the male sex organ.

"The slang reference to male genitalia was offensive, yet no prompt corrective action was taken at the time or thereafter for what was utterly offensive and equally inappropriate as anything I might have said in a private setting in mixed company," Black wrote in the letter.
Now that is a fighting spirit. I am sure Annapolis has the crack Inspector Whisenhant on the case.
UPDATE:Just for the pure schadenfreude of it all; I really wish this was the USNA Woman's (anything) Team instead of Catholic Univ.'s lacross team. One can hope though. I will say this though, all these girls have GREAT Sailor wife potential. Annapolis is just down the road girls. Just down the road. Save those men from their classmates. Do it for your nation.

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