Monday, May 15, 2006

...and the lights go out in Europe; again

This time, it may be for good if the trend holds. The pattern is fairly predictable. First you have a society that wants nothing more but to be left alone to try new social policies and feel good about itself. The last thing it wants is to be told of the wolf at the door. Nazis or Islamists. It doesn't matter.

Then there are those who love the culture and want it to rise to the challenge and preserve its freedoms.

Then the established elites who do not have the moral ability to stand up for anything, and are used to talking out of or wishing away problems, turn on their fellow countrymen - seeing the guardians, the shepard's dogs, as the real problem, not the threat, the wolf closing in. They are distracted by the bearer of the bad news, and turn on those who would save them.

We discussed Ayaan Hirsi Ali's adopted country's inability to protect her anymore. She is leaving the Dutch Government and moving to the United States.

The long knives are also out for the irreplaceable Paul Belien of The Brussels Journal.

This will be a long, hard century for Europe. If this is where they let their elite take them, I am afraid that there is much blood coming. Much blood.

Hat tip LGF and The Brussels Journal.

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