Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who said our European “allies” that should have a say in our security?

We all remember from the NOV 04 election the call to work with our European “allies.” How we should rely on them more. Make sure they have a “buy in.” Share our toys; all that.

The apex of these enlightened countries is, of course, Belgium; a nation that is even younger than ours (so much for the ‘older-wiser’ country thingy) and has some house cleaning of their own to do.

Well, they no longer trust their version of the FBI with weapons. No, I’m not kidding.
Members of the Surete de l'Etat were ordered to disarm after news emerged that an agent only narrowly escaped injury when another opened fire.
Weapons will be issued only if specifically needed, the justice ministry told the BBC News website.
Separately, the work of the state security body may change if a ban on phone tapping is lifted.
You can’t make this stuff up. I added the phone tap thing just for added fun.

Why did our Belgian Elliot Ness get his gun taken away? Sounds like we had an accidental discharge problem (insert joke here).
…the Libre Belgique newspaper reported that an agent who was "without a doubt under the influence of antidepressants" had discharged his weapon.
Very nice. Needless to say, Barney isn’t happy that his round is being taken away.
agents prefer to be armed while out on missions as they often find themselves in hostile environments when investigating, for example, organised crime, and like to think they can defend themselves.
Ummmm, yea. Might need that. Criminals, terrorists and all.
A report in the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper notes that the Belgian security apparatus has been a source of frustration for other Western agencies.
Working national security issues with unarmed bi-polar agents. I wonder why.

Senator Kerry, call your office.

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