Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Orion photoblogging contest

Well, PalmPundit couldn't help herself. After seeing "Desert Orions" in my post from yesterday, she brought in reinforcements via PalmPilot, and decided to engage in dueling Orions. I am biased towards mine, but you have to give her credit for her response; Mt. Fuji Orion is pretty good.

Time, however, to go tactical. This one is for Bubblehead.

Back at 'cha Anne. Oh, and ask PalmPilot; (1) is there anything wrong with #2, and (2) what Update/MOD is he looking at. He can miss one, but still earn an extra 72hr liberty over any three day weekend if he gets within 5 yrs of when the picture was taken as well. Additionally, I'll give Bubblehead back his liberty card if he can tell me what class of sub this was taken from.

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