Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Keeping an eye on the long game: part XI

If you are on a boat, above or below the water, the worst thing you can hear if free-flowing water. It means that somewhere, somehow, there is flooding….you think.

I’m not sure what is going on
here WRT Japan vs. China; but somewhere onboard, somewhere in the ship, I think I hear flowing water: the feeling you get like someone is watching you; instinct; hair on the back of the neck.

Nothing happens at this scale in China without the Communist Party’s approval. One thing I do know, this isn’t about
schoolbooks; this isn’t about WWII; this has everything to do with internal Chinese politics and posturing – preparing the populace for something, or distracting them from something - or perhaps sending Japan a message about something.

How do you spell Senkakus in Kanji?

If I was Japanese, I would prepare as much as possible for a
future that may not be what they want. The dragon is stretching; what it is planning to do, I have no idea.

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