Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The new Brownshirts of Europe: this time with beards and funny hats

From the “reap what you sow” chapter of No Shit Sherlock; Dhimmitude for one of the excretable uber-Leftists of the United Kingdom George Galloway, has earned him, well, a fatwa.

At a hustings meeting on Wednesday Mr Galloway and his Labour opponent Oona King stood together to plead for less negative campaigning.
Both candidates, contesting the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency, have required police protection.

Mr Galloway was allegedly "threatened with death" by Islamist extremists at a meeting on Tuesday evening.
Yikes, that’s about as negative as you can get.
The 40-strong mob apparently locked the door and denounced him as a "false prophet" and declared the sentence for this was "death".

Mr Galloway said: "It was a very frightening incident caused by a tiny, unrepresentative group of very extreme fundamentalists who believe that elections are a crime against Islam."
Nice to see that multiculturalism and assimilation of immigrants to the political and social norms of their new country is going swimmingly in the UK.
Miss King said: "I utterly condemn any attacks on George Galloway, or any other politician, and indeed just the general atmosphere of intimidation.
"I have to say it has not been helped by some of the language used by Respect. Extremism breeds extremism."

Mr Galloway and Miss King appeared together amid tight security at a meeting at the University of London on Wednesday evening.

Miss King told the audience that Mr Galloway had agreed to a meeting with election organisers and other candidates to try to "take some of the heat and vitriol out of this campaign".

Mr Galloway said: "Can I take this opportunity to express to Oona King how sorry I am for what has happened to her in this campaign and to welcome her call this evening for all the parties to talk with the police about how we can take some of the negative atmosphere out of this campaign and how we can see democracy prevail."

Respect is a coalition that grew out of socialist and trade union opposition to the Iraq war.
Of course. “It is our fault the Brownshirt Islamofascist hate us.” Spoken like a nice little Dhimmi Miss King. Now go get fitted for your Burkha.

Maybe this will give Mr. Galloway some pause to rethink his politics……awhhh, you know I was just pulling your leg. Proverbs 26:11 applies.

Here is a little background on what Mr. Galloway thinks his “great achievements are;
On his proudest achievement in parliament since 2001: "Having been a leader of the anti-war movement which built the biggest demonstrations in British history; having been right about Iraq; having made enemies like Tony Blair, Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black; having defeated the Daily Telegraph in court; and having helped build Respect - the Unity Coalition."
Bookworm isn’t too happy with the mother country either. For good reason. Sad to see the mighty offer their neck so.

Hat tip USS Neverdock.

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