Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stream of consciousness photo links

How do you get from the story of SGT Akbar to a baby about to punch the Junior Senator from New York?

The human mind, well at least this one, is a strange place.

Start with the bucket of FOD murdering traitor
SGT Akabar. Mmmmm, even this nightmare of a person has fans.

That reminds me that there is a density of madness at almost all San Francisco rallies. Communists and all.

Those eyes. Those eyes. Wish I could find the photo, but who do they remind me of?

I have seen pictures of her reminding me of someone else.

And I am reminded how beautiful Mrs. Salamander was in college (and still is - had to put that there, you know)

Thoughts soon lead to the spirit of the American Soldier.

And how, thank goodness, our children often show the warrior spirit early on in life.

I need to go PT.

Hat Tip
BLACKFIVE and Zombietime.

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