Friday, April 29, 2005

Euro: Legal tender of terror....and drugs

Chester mentioned something the other day that fed off a snark from a BBC talking head I saw on TV Tuesday.

Some of the Eurocrats have, strangly, taken pride that
Zarqawi (BTW, what is it with the Arab world that makes them think they can ignore the "u" after "q" rule all the time) was caught with Euros and not Dollars. The BBC-type implied that it was another sign that the world was turning to Europe as the new center of economic power, and the Euro as the new reserve currency.

Yes, the
Dollar is weak and we would need an Econ 102 blog to explain the reasons, but there is a simpler explaination.

The USD's largest note is the $100 bill. The Euro comes in a EU500. If you are running a cash operation (drugs, bribes, terror, etc) and need to travel light; what would you rather carry. +/- 15-20%, historically the Dollar and the Euro are comprable.

Do you know how much a
$100,000 weighs? If I am running away from a Predator, I know I would want to shift that decimal point.

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