Wednesday, April 06, 2005

'Europe à la Française' - EU Constitution truth seeps out

Our Froggy friends have stepped in it now. 29 May, the French will vote on the EU "Constitution," and wouldn't you know it, the French people are not too happy with the idea. 55% plan on voting 'Non!'

Desperate to preserve their project, the French establishment is pulling out all the stops to keep it alive. I think they are trying too hard.
Dominique Perben, the justice minister, who said at a dinner debate in Lyon: "At last we have obtained this 'Europe à la Française' that we have for so long awaited. This constitutional treaty … is an enlarged France."
Nice work Dom. Europe has a little issue with the last time you tried that. My buddies the Dutch, who have a good memory of that, vote 01 JUN and they are not too excited about the concept.

If the French say "Non" and the Dutch say "Nee"; in three months we could see the death of "Europe à la Française." I have my doubts, but; does anyone have an extra bottle of California Sparkling Wine just in case?
I'll leave with my favorite quote from the article and a question.
Support among traditionally pro-EU voters has fallen dramatically because of fears that the constitution would open up labour markets. Critics also complain that it will force the whole of Europe to adopt "Anglo-Saxon" social and working practices.
Yikes!!! We don't want low employment, rampant free speech, and the best model for both economics and general all-around freedom!!! The Anglo-Saxon boogyman!!!!

Question. In case you don't think the study of history is important. A big, reasonably not-discussed-in-polite-company part of the upcoming vote is the possible addition of Turkey to the EU. Who wants to guess what happened on 29 May a few years ago?


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