Tuesday, April 05, 2005


We have a pig-pile blogswarm going on. Check out the irreplaceable Michelle Malkin on the Pulitzer abomination, but we have BLACKFIVE and Mudville all over it with links to more pictures. John at Arrggghhh!! has a picture of dogs not playing poker; don't know where he is on this. By looking at the dog's hats, John might be hanging out with Otis.

You have to register, but there is an outstanding collection at the Naval Institute's website of pictures from the 43rd Naval and Maritime Photo Contest.

This is my favorite in the group by Major Glen Butler, USMC.

..... and to add my little bit of original photography. One of the strangest sights you will find at an airbase in the middle of the desert. The old Cold Warrior, P-3C Orion. Trust me, they aren't hunting submarines. You can get the hi-res here.

Hat tip The Corner.
: Another great spot for pictures is DOD website. It has hundreds, and you can get them hi-res. Oh, and I forgot to mention, given the political slant of the Pulitzer folks, I don't think Avon Calling!! had a chance. Speaking of politics, Powerline covers another fetid aspect of the awards; their political "cartoon" award. If your blood pressure is still too low, go by and see Rusty's take at The Jawa Report.

OK, I'll ask the question. Does the Pulitzer deserve respect anymore? Does it realy mean anything? Like mu'h Mama said: "If that is the company you keep........."

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