Friday, April 15, 2005

Columbia U.’s stew of hypocrisy and hate of the military

Another edition of the Ivory Tower vs. ROTC covered before here, here, and here.

Charles E.F. Missard at the New York Post provides another chapter in the sordid tale of “elite” schools' hate of all things military – the focus of their hate is of course the easiest target: their students enrolled in ROTC.
President Lee Bollinger (who's also under fire over alleged anti-Semitism in his Mideast Studies Department) has said he allows ROTC recruiters at the Law School only "with regret," and ROTC itself is banned on the Columbia campus.
Many use the “don’t ask - don’t tell” policy as an excuse, but this dates long before the Ivory Tower decided that their perspective on sexuality was more important than the defense of freedom.
ROTC opponents claim that they're not anti-military — that their opposition is solely related to the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. … Columbia banned ROTC in 1969, a few months after the height of the famous campus demonstrations against the Vietnam war and all things military.
There is a great quote here about the Left’s Orwellian intolerance to promote tolerance, all wraped up in an opaque logic that reality just can’t burn through,
Columbia anthropology Professor Rosalind Morris: "[W]e should not be inclusive or tolerant of an institution that structures violence as a war against homosexuality."
Someone thinks that brain belongs at an “elite” institution. Hey, I have a BMC that can run circles around Rosalind. You cannot create parody better than this.

One of the sad things here, not only does this policy impact the students the most,

..the students want ROTC back.

Two years ago, a student referendum to bring ROTC back to campus passed with 65 percent of the vote.

The faculty is another matter. It took a year after the referendum before the faculty-dominated University Senate would even form a task force to study the issue. After a year of town halls, email exchanges and committee meetings, the committee is deadlocked, 5 to 5, over whether to change the existing policy. The full Senate is set to decide on May 6.

Once again, it is the cloistered Baby Boomer Leftists engorging their own self-importance on the backs of a younger generation trying to clean up the mess of their elders.

If you have a connection to
Columbia University, 06 MAY is getting closer and closer. Write early, write often.

Hat tip
Stanley Kurtz at The Corner.

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