Monday, April 18, 2005

Time Magazine is clueless beyond parody

This is just too perfect. I slam Time Mag one week, and they walk around with their fly open the next!

BAAAWAAAHAHAH. Too perfect. As most know, uberRightist fantasy date, Ann Coulter, is on the cover of Time this week.

BTW, Ann - love the shoes. The little bows.....

Well, on line they have a photo slide show. Slide ocho, you have to look at it. My buddies at snagged another clueless Leftist, this time the whole magazine.

You know, if Time had just one person on the Right look over this story, they could have told the, "Ummmmm, your kidding, right? You're not going to put that picture in with that caption, are you?"

This is just too rich. In case they take it down later, slide "8" had the caption and photo,
Demon and Idol
Protesters blast Coulter at the G.O.P. Convention in New York City last year

My day is compete. That is my moment of Zen. is a parody group. Duh (though.....)! Did they really believe it was a ligit group? And if they did.......

Hat tip LGF.

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