Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ukraine squeezes the pocket

As long as you are conscience of what you are reading - it is good to read bias press as part of your informational diet. It works locally, and globally.

One of my favorite new spots as of late has been EuromaidanPress.com. While everyone has been focused on the MH17 shootdown, there has been some very interesting facts on the ground developments that the military professional should take a look at.

I have no reason to doubt the validity of this map - so let's give it the benefit of the doubt, as it might explain the desperate actions being taken by the Russian side. For reference, the MH17 shootdown site is right on behind the front lines near Torez - in the south center of the rebel area.

Put your JPME to good work there shipmate. Look at what has happened in the last two months.
1. Ukraine secured its maritime territory.
2. Ukraine managed to re-establish control over most of its borders  - though in a thin salient in some places. Not firm control as we know traffic is getting through, but at least partial control to the point they are willing to claim it.
3. They are pushing to widen the salient in the south while increasing its SE bulge, pushing north along the Russian border.
4. From the north, they are pushing south along the Russian border.
5. Yes kiddies, we have a classic pincer movement to envelope a pocket of the enemy, nee - a double envelopment at that. As a matter of fact, a secondary double envelopment is about to take place in that middle thumb centered on Lysychansk - or at least there is an opportunity for one.

Cut off the Lysychansk based separatists there while at the same time cutting off their unopposed access to the Russian border - and then you can destroy the pro-Russian separatists piecemeal at your leisure.

Well, that is how I see this act of a multi-act play working its way out.  Before you go, you should spend some time on the site - if for no other reason than to enjoy some good old fashioned propoganda that has, if you look close enough - some good bits of truth in there. That, and great Putin pics like this:

It is also instructive to see who the Ukrainians consider their friends and not. I think their analysis is fairly solid here - and they have all the right friends. I might nit-pic a bit, but again - I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. They will remember, FWIW ... and so will the Russians. The title of the article that the map goes to is, Ukraine’s possible backstabbers in Europe.

Red bad, yellow good, green feh.

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