Monday, July 14, 2014

Some People Deserve Their Own Hellfire

That "Smart Power" is doing wonders on the Global War on Terrorism we no longer talk about.

I will give the guy credit - he does some fairly good smack talk. Oh, and his part of the world - the is getting a nice STRATCOM win.

He and his people need to be killed - not talked to - killed. Wholesale if possible, retail if necessary. We don't have to smack talk back. Just kill. Everyone understands that.

Oh, and yes - I understand that kidnapped people are the responsibility of the nation those people are taken from. This isn't about them. 

Though this line of thinking is out of vogue (but will come back after a few thousand Americans are killed again), as a general rule - I believe that any group that states that it is a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organization is, de facto, an enemy of the USA. When found and their position fixed, they should be killed.

Anyone who has property with fire ants on it understands the principal. You don't have to wait for the ants from a specific mound to sting you. No, you know their nature and know that that eventually the will and even if not - if left alone they will spread and become a greater problem.

Simple, find a new mound (you can never get rid of them, they are always sprouting up), you go get the Amdro and take care of business.

That is all this is - pest control - and this pest needs to be shut up sooner more than later.

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