Tuesday, July 01, 2014

History has no sense of fair play

As everyone has been reminded as of late, WWI was - as it was so nicely put by Otto von Bismarck three and a half decades before its start, sparked by;
Some damned foolish thing in the Balkans,,,
That "thing" was Serb Gavrilo Princip.

You would think that as he was captured live, he would have been executed? No, we forget that the nations that spawned all that slaughter were very civilized;
Princip was too young to receive the death penalty, being only twenty-seven days short of the 20-year age limit required by Habsburg law for the death sentence.[24] Instead, he received the maximum sentence of twenty years in prison.
He died in prison the final year of the war of tuberculosis. Not a pleasant way to die, especially when it gets in your bones.

What was the total? Just in bodies, a good estimate is about 37.5 million.

Some belligerents lost 70-90% of their forces to casualties, many in graves like above that are unmarked and unknown.

In 2014 - do you know where you can find Princip's grave? Wonder how history has found his mortal remains?

Well ... take a trip to Sarajevo. History is an ass. She doesn't care about right or wrong. She doesn't care about much at all.

What she does do is understand will and power - and rewards those who understand her needs, desires, and fetishes. You can win by feeding them, or ruthlessly destroying them. She will respect, and even reward those who fight hard against her proclivities. Those wishy-washy in the middle? No, she finds their tears delicious.

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