Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diversity Thursday

There is so much wrong here, I don't know where to start.

Many may wonder what Sailors are investing millions of man hours in CMEO training in the Navy for. What are they getting out of it? What are they learning? What is the focus?

There are so many directions one could go here, I just about have vapor lock. No need for me to deconstruct it for you.

I'll let you work it out in comments - so - from CMEO training in NKO.


Hat tip TB.


Anonymous said...

Senior needs a haircut.

Anonymous said...

So how does the "Filipino Mafia" come into all of this?

Armed with Inkstick said...

What's a "PN"? Is that like a PS? Or more like a YN? And what rank is LT Armstrong wearing?

At least we have a good Terminus Post Quem for this thing.

FDNF'er said...

Are you F... kidding me? At the root of equal opportunity is treating everyone the same. Assuming that someone is a better interviewer simply based on name/race/sex is inherently bigoted. What a joke.

I would truly enjoy reading the justification of those who put that "exercise" together to understand their logic, to see if it is somehow not self-defeating.

Madman said...