Friday, July 04, 2014

Fullbore Friday

For just a moment, I want you to forget all the pictures of our Founding Fathers that may or may not have been in your history books. Clear your mind.

Of the signers of our Declaration of Independence  are taught today to as, "dead old white men."

Dead and white I will grant you - though neither are anything they could control. Now, let's get to the old.

Even for their day - these were not old men. These were men in their prime - men with the most to lose. They range from 26-yr olds Edward Rutledge and Thomas Lynch, Jr - both of South Carolina, to my favorite, Ben Franklin, 70, of Pennsylvania.

The average age was 44. That picture is of George Washington in 1776 next to how most people think of him. Though too busy leading an army to sign anything in the City of Brotherly Love, guess how old he was in 1776? Yep'r - 44.

In the prime of your life, with the most of anyone to lose - to stand up to the King of England.
“… we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

They did. What did they pay? There is a lot of bad history out there ... but believe it or not, Snopes is a good source. Check it out.

In any event - Fullbore and have a great 4th!

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