Wednesday, July 09, 2014

So, you think you're a POLMIL futurist?

I have little use for the Tomorrowland Transforationalists who sell you their snake oil with flash, glitter and distraction.

One thing I do have an unending appetite for are fact based, historically grounded, and hopefully - statistically supported assumptions and inferences.

In that light I give you 200 countries, 200 years in only 4-min with Hans Rosling.

A few things I want you to keep close attention to, as all of these are critical to advanced planning:
1. The power of free markets and relative political & cultural openness (there was a reason GBR and NLD started at the top).
2. The regular downward spikes and recovery due to war and disease. We are overdue.
3. The internal split in China - that never ends well.
4. The unending basket case that was, is, and will be sub-Saharan Africa.

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