Thursday, July 03, 2014

Diversity Thursday

This is one of the easy DivThu ... though it does require work on your part. All you need to do is to read and put on your critical thinking hat. N2 types are usually good at the 'ole "Where's Waldo" fun of this.

Guess who DOD decides is not worth celebrating? 

This can be taken one of two ways. 
1. This is an active and discriminatory act against a specific group based on race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.
2. This is a straight-up act of "White Man's Burden" patronizing and kind hearted bigotry of low expectation towards the natives - just a few steps up from bringing gifts of firewater, buckets of fried chicken, and big hats with Cinco de Mayo written on them to the poor little savages.

For the retrograde pimps of sectarianism ... I think it is a little of both. In the end analysis, both show a true lack of respect and assumption of equality of others.

Oh, and those who in their commands actively support such activity - that stink is on you too.

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