Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caption Contest

This has to be the least funny caption contest I have ever done.

Yesterday, President Obama and his team met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his in Dallas about the very serious crisis we are having not just on the Texas-Mexico border, but the entire southern border.

The deserts of El Norte are filling with the bodies of children left to die by the coyotes paid to transport them by immoral parents looking for a quick way to get a foothold in the USA from Central America. Of the estimated 57,000 unaccompanied children who have recently illegally crossed into the United States, untold numbers of them are victims of abuse at the hands of those who transported them, sick, and otherwise direct victims of our nations leadership's desire not to enforce the laws of our nation.

From the White House to Congress - but mostly the Executive Branch that is responsible for executing the laws that are passed and controls the agencies that are responsible - there is very real blood on our hands, and responsibility for abuse, sickness and general lawlessness impacting our citizens and resident aliens.

On the left, you have the former sovereign nation of Texas. On the right, our Federal government - at a table to discuss the failure of our Federal Government to carry out its most basic duty, control of our international borders.

The Federal government is smiling and laughing, as children suffer and die due to their inaction, and American citizens see their neighborhoods fall in to the shadow outside the rule of law.

The visual here is, in a word - sublime.

Hat tip PJM.

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