Monday, June 30, 2014

Former Obama Ambassador to Iraq, shorter: the fracking fracker is fracked

Is he right or wrong - especially if it impacts the USA? Time will tell.

One thing I do know is this; without leadership, there will never be the support of the American people for much more than we are already doing. You will not find that from the present Administration. As a result, we will have a little experiment.

With the - I can't believe I am saying this - more nimble Russians coming in to help, can the Shi'ite Iraqi Army beat back ISIS - or are we going to watch a growing terrorist Army right in the heart of where we spent the better part of a decade fighting to keep it out of?

UPDATE: You can stop calling it ISIS now;
The al Qaeda breakaway group that has seized much of northern Syria and huge tracks of neighboring Iraq formally declared the creation of an Islamic state on Sunday in the territory under its control.

The spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, made the announcement in an audio statement posted online. Islamic extremists have long dreamed of recreating the Islamic state, or caliphate, that ruled over the Middle East for hundreds of years.
Al-Adnani said that with the creation of the caliphate, the group was changing its name to just the Islamic State, dropping the mention of Iraq and the Levant.
It IS what it IS, I guess.

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