Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yes Tavis, it will be

.... but not like you think.

First watch Tavis Smiley, and then come back.

Sad that anyone who opposes President Obama is a racist in his eyes, but we've seen that meme before. I had to giggle about his swipe about people coming to protests with guns being racist on MSNBC of all places. He must be referring to this guy. What patronizing prattle.

You can disagree with someone without going the cheap route of avoiding issues and instead pulling the "one size fits all" race card, but as long as they get away with it - they will.

Speaking of issues; I frankly don't care all that much about the President's Easter messaging hair mussling.

No, at least he went to Easter services .... but .... the choice is interesting. I was a little worried when our post-racial President chose as one of first stops of his 2012 campaign a visit to Al Shapton - but I thought I would give him a pass, again.

Well - on Easter of all times (ponder the message of Easter) he made a choice. He chose to visit the church of Wallace Charles Smith. The Reverend Smith had an interesting message. His church - his ideas.

Is this really the man a person who wants to be President to all Americans should want to visit?

We don't have the video from Easter services - but this might do.

Would it be rude to mention that President Obama has no, zip, nada stake in African-American's history of slavery? His father and namesake was from a African Muslim tribe that was engaged in the slave trade for goodness sake, and the other half of his DNA is European. No one in his family line was a slave. He is as disconnected from the African-American post-slavery legacy as I am from the American-Indian legacy.

Well, there is one good thing from the above video. Smith knows that time is not on his side. Today's young generation does not have a use for his grievance wallowing. We as a nation have gotten past that. Sadly, we have a President who has made the decision that he wants to pick at the healing wounds of racism to enrage people to the ballot box. He wants to keep pull American back, not encourage us forward in race relations.

That is sad. Even though I didn't vote for him, I had hope that President Obama would take the chance to leave sectarianism behind. That was the high road, I guess we won't see that - at least not with this President at this time.

So yes Tavis - we will see a very racist filled 2012 election - but at this point the only place I see it being driven that way is by our President.

That is sad - but I shouldn't be surprised, I guess. I also guess that I am a racist for pointing this out. It is, I guess, racist to ask why someone is supporting another with a racist mindset. It is, I guess, racist to ask that people not act in a racist manner. It is, I guess, racist to want to live in a world where people interact with people based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. It is, I guess, racist to deal in facts and not emotion.

I guess.

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