Thursday, April 07, 2011

Where would Dante put it?

Hey, a paycheck is a paycheck. Reserve duty from ... well ... I guess it depends on the person.
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Unit COs/XOs,

There is an immediate need for an O6 to serve as the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Executive Secretary for the Navy Repeal Implementation Team from 11 April (or as soon as possible thereafter) through 30 September 2011. Interested candidates must flex drill the remaining FY-11 drill periods and utilize AT (up to 29 days), after which ADT funding is available for the duration of the assignment. This is a high visibility position; work location is the Navy Annex in Arlington, VA. Local fill preferred but will consider out-of-area applicants. POC is CAPT XXX XXXXXXXXX.


Navy Operational Support Center Washington
Naval Air Facility Washington

NAF/NOSC Washington - One Team. One Family. Launching Leaders in Defense of
our Nation.

Whoever gets this billet - drop me an email. I can hook you up (but not that way) with some folks who would probably buy you a dinner or at least a beer who might give you some ideas to make things easier with the usual players in this catfight.

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