Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hope & Change

Yea ... I like that better than this.

I guess it is easier and more fun to run for President than actually to be President.
BTW, I showed my cards early last time - and I'll do it again.

For review, in 2008 I went from Giuliani, to Romney, to McCain. For 2012, I've already marked my spot for reasons not too different than 2008.

Even more than 2008 we need a President who is not afraid of making hard calls, being called names, and has a proven track record as a Chief Executive. That is, after all, what the President is - a Chief Executive. If you have a President who does not have experience excelling as a Chief Executive, well, you now know what that looks like.

For the record; count Sal in T-Paw's corner.

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