Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Will Egypt's Military Go Kemalist?

With the Islamist Zeitgeist in the Arab world right now, I don't think we will be that lucky - especially being that Egypt doesn't have anyone even close the Ataturk, sadly.

There is some hope though that as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to gain as much power that they can using the Popular Front playbook, that the Egyptian military may play a moderating role.
Egypt's military rulers have said they will not allow religious "extremist factions" to control the country, the Al Masry Al Youm newspaper reported Tuesday.

"Egypt will not be ruled by another Khomeini," members of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces were quoted in the report as saying at a meeting with newspaper editors.
"The Council will not allow extremist factions to control Egypt," Deputy Defense Minister Mohammed Mokhtar al-Mella reportedly said.

The comments by the Armed Forces came amid concerns over the growing influence of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, as well as Salafi groups.

Although Salafi groups do not participate in politics, some of its leaders have said they are considering a political role following the January 25 revolution.
This must be watched very closely. Very.

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