Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sniping goes Salamander

You know me, I'm a simple man. Vince Lombardi is king and you can never bring too large of a gun to a fight.

If a 5" won't work, sniff, then get an
8". If the 9mm is lame, man up and admit you are wrong and go back to the .45. If you are tired of more Americans dying because the 5.56mm is a varmint round and not a warfighting round - then send the Loggies packing and get your 6.8mm round in production or go back to the 7.62mm.

The M2 is the standard; when in doubt, whip it out. .50cal is nice,
.338 is sexy. If your 7.62mm isn't quite what it should be but the .338 and .50 is too much to take with you ... what is a red-blooded American to do?

Simple, go with a very American solution with a very American name - upgun to a .300 Winchester Magnum.

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