Thursday, April 28, 2011

We'll call it a unforced error ...

... or a terrorist victory, either one works.

This isn't my father's America, and I feel ashamed that it is considered the norm in mine. This isn't necessary to put free citizens through. My attitude towards the TSA's policies come from the same cup as my attitude towards "Serve & Protect" police departments playing army dress-up to knock down doors like some modern day Einsatzgruppen looking for Jews in some Polish village.

So - land of the free and the home of the brave. How do we treat a former Miss America?

Just in case ya'll don't check Drudge now and then; ask Miss America USA title in 2003, Susie Castillo.

Can we get
her to run for Congress or sump'n? I think she just had a road to Damascus moment. For the record, I do the same thing at airports. I game the lines to avoid The Pornographic Irradiator.

Think about it a bit. In a free nation - aren't there better ways to do this, something Ben Franklin might understand?
UPDATE: She has started a twitter petition. Come join us.


CDR K said...

I'm not saying either is not outrageously offensive, but I am suggestingt hat accuracy is important.   One reflects a recognizable pat down method, the other would be criminal assault (and, currently, a pat down is not legally recognized as an assault).  It also allows TSA to focus on the incorrect use of terminology rather than the inappropriate policy -- tell me you haven't seen a bureacratic response like that before.

Do not mistake me as in any way defending this.  It's disgusting, it's abusive, and it's ineffective.  Haven't flown for over a year and damn glad I have the luxury of making the choice to rely on alternatives.

Aubrey said...

Hell, I can't bring finger nail clippers through security but as soon I sit down on the plane I get all the booze I can drink and a giant steak knife with my dinner....

Steve Weintz said...

My brother Mike departed Missoula on a flight with a nice leather jacket in his checked luggage, and found it had taken a walmk when he got home and opend the suitcase. 

See the Terminal Lance's take here: