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To promote conversation here ....

Posted without comment. Positions please.

To promote conversations about gendered issues at USNA

The Yard-Wide Diversity Committee


Annual Gender Matters Program

Invite you to attend a screening of the film

Out of Annapolis

Produced and Directed by CDR Steve Clark Hall ’75, USN (Ret)

The film screening will be followed by a brief post-film discussion

Out of Annapolis is a documentary that presents real stories of gay and lesbian alumni who attended USNA in two eras: the 1970s - 80s prior to DADT, and the 1990s during DADT. Their enduring respect for the military and appreciation of their instruction at USNA is clear as these individuals relate their experiences as Midshipmen and officers of the Navy and Marine Corps, allowing audiences to see past the stereotypes of homosexuals in the military and begin to understand the sacrifices these dedicated officers have made for the country. As the nation prepares to lift DADT, Out of Annapolis plays a compelling role in educating the public to appreciate, rather than fear, the upcoming changes to our military policies.

Following the 90 minute film, the sponsors will moderate a brief open mic discussion amongst the audience, Steve Clark Hall, and other USNA alumni featured in the film.

This performance is closed to the public, but all Midshipmen, faculty, officers, and staff are invited to attend.

While the film does extend into study hour, Midshipmen are permitted to attend the entire event.

When: Monday, April 25 at 1915

Where: Mahan Theatre

Hat tip Annapolis Underground.

UPDATE: Based on a couple of emails I have received, perhaps a review is in order - and I need to comment.

All the regulars know that I was an early supporter of DADT repeal. Good people can disagree, but the decision has been made, so there really isn't going back. I don't have a problem with them showing this film, as long as it is tasteful and voluntary - which by all indications it is.

There is one problem here, and one I warned people on both sides about from the start. There has been a major mistake here by Steve Clark Hall and those who fully support homosexuals serving. They are allowing the Diversity Industry to get their claws into them. This is a huge mistake, because the Diversity Industry makes its money by division and strife - not unity. The Diversity Industry feeds on grievance and generated conflict. They are divisive, retrograde, and are an anathema to free discussion and open minds.

There is one reason that I would tell people on the fence not to see this movie. Look who is sponsoring it. The moral vampires of the Diversity Commissariat are pushing this. Those who support equal treatment and inclusion of open homosexuals at USNA and elsewhere should avoid supporting anything pushed by the Diversity Bullies.

Homosexual service members, I am talking to you. Once you let them put their stamp on you - you have effectively lost your argument. You don't want to be accepted in the Navy - you want to be a part of the Navy. There is a very big difference, and you will get nothing from contempt from me.

Steve Clark Hall - if I knew you I would have given you some advice about finding other sponsors, ones who would show your desire, I assume, for inclusion. With the sponsors you have though - you have hitched your wagon to division, and that is unfortunate.

A final note - if the members of The Yard-Wide Diversity Committee take this personally, that is fine with me. You are part of the problem, no the solution. Send me an email if you want to discuss.
UPDATE II - Electric Boogaloo: To put some light on the subject. Here is the trailer. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact the background music blows. Wait ... can I say that? I mean, come on ... not THAT way. Seriously, the music is just ... awwww ... h311, just watch the d@mn trailer.

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