Monday, April 04, 2011


Really - weaning is so hard to do.
NATO has asked the U.S. military to continue flying airstrike missions over Libya through Monday, extending the previously announced timeline for U.S. participation in that mission by two days, NATO and Pentagon officials tell Fox News.

During testimony on Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen announced the U.S. would hand off all strike missions to partner nations by the end of Saturday.

Two weeks after mostly U.S. missiles and bombs opened an international air assault on Libya's Muammar al-Qaddafi, America's naval and air forces were expected to withdraw from combat missions in the country, although its defiant leader still remains in power.

Before NATO's request, U.S. aircraft would have ceased to fly Libyan strike missions beginning Sunday, although NATO's on-scene commander can request them in the days ahead -- but they may have to be approved in Washington.
I wonder when we'll have a defined mission? Until then - I'm with the Marine.
Marine Lt. Col. Shawn R. Hermley, a Harrier pilot who estimates he has flown about a dozen combat missions over Libya, said in an interview Friday that he's not personally bothered that he'll no longer be dropping 500-pound guided bombs on Qaddafi's tanks, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery. He said his Harrier detachment has made a difference, while taking care not to risk civilian casualties.

"If we were to walk away today, I'd be very proud of that and realize that we've made a significant impact to protect the people of Libya," he said by telephone from aboard the Kearsarge.
... and before anyone with a USA passport gets killed - yes, let's go home.

If you're not in it to win - then why bother. I think you can get readiness points for it; so not a total waste.

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