Thursday, April 21, 2011

The great motivators

Often lost in the huggly-snuggly shore-duty fonctionnaires who seem to dominate some areas of discussions about leadership - fear and shame are great motivators.

In that light - I have a great news story for you - and bully to NAVSEA.
The Navy has suspended the oversight authority of the local command responsible for supervising ship repairs done by private contractors.

The command, called Norfolk Ship Support Activity, has headquarters at Norfolk Naval Station. Staffed by both sailors and civilians, it oversees all maintenance work done by private companies on Navy surface ships in the mid-Atlantic region.

By suspending the command's oversight authority - formally known as its "technical warrant" - the Navy essentially is saying it no longer trusts Norfolk Ship Support Activity to make sure work by contractors is being done properly.
That NEVER looks good on a FITREP.

With some other things going on in the background - take this as good news. Next thing you know we'll be doing REFTRA in Gitmo old-school.

OK. Maybe not - but perhaps they will make INSURV UNCLAS again so we can all share and learn. Maybe next FY. Maybe.

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