Sunday, January 02, 2011

Midrats: The Authors

A pre-recorded best of with three of the authors we interviewed this year; James S. Robbins, Senior Editorial Writer for Foreign Affairs at the Washington Times on his book, This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive.

David Sears' book on Navy Air in the Korean war with,
Such Men as These: The Story of the Navy Pilots Who Flew the Deadly Skies over Korea.

United States Naval Academy Professor Bruce Fleming's new book on one part of the culture battle,
Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide: What Each Side Must Know About the Other - And About Itself.

Join us live if you can today Sunday 02 JAN 2011 from 5-6pm EST, and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room, I'll have it up and running. If you miss the show or want to catch up on the shows you missed - you can always reach the archives at blogtalkradio - or set yourself to get the podcast on iTunes.

Finally, mark your calendars; on January 9th we are going to have a live 2-hr special for the shows 1-yr anniversary from 5-7pm EST with an expanded panel discussion you will not want to miss. In addition to EagleOne and me, we'll have Galrahn from InformationDissemination, along with Bryan McGrath, CAPT Henry J. Hendrix Jr., USN, and LCDR Claude Berube, USNR.


CDR Salamander said...

Funny you should link to that article; I have a post in draft for next week that is on a similar theme.  My angle is slightly different and shorter - but the points PMB raise are spot on. 

Very good snag.  I need to find a way to fold that link into my post; "Long Term Pressure & and Two-Stage Triggers."

Outlaw Mike said...

Off topic, but Happy New Year all! May your wages soar like never before, your jobs easy, enemy fire too high, food excellent, and sex abundant!!!

James said...

Damn! missed it again.sigh.