Thursday, January 06, 2011

Diversity Thursday

NAVSEA says,
"We want to learn to be better bigots. Really, we do."
I could just make a comment about the total lack of self-reflection in this Social Realismesque "Final Observer Special Edition" from NAVSEA; but as that performance metric stands without comment (see all news related to LCS, LPD-17 etc), but no. Let's have a fun time of translating Diversityspeak.

Always fun. Here we go. From page 8, we'll start. I can't stop laughing though at Shipmate's expression. His face speaks volumes - those eyes .....

I feel your pain brother, I feel your pain. I almost feel bad doing this, but here you go. Read the original, and then come back here for what they are really trying to say - funny - I really don't have to change too many words.

FY 11 Goals:
- NAVSEA will create a culture that values diversity through active discrimination based on race, creed, color and national origin to reach quotas; or at least make noise like we will:
  • Lower standards for establishing and maintaining effective affirmative discrimination against any groups we don't approve of.
  • Develop a plan to divert as many recruiting efforts we have towards the general population that may have the skill sets we need, to only those groups that make the CNO happy and claim to have the DNA he wants.
- Develop and implement a more effective way to discriminate and be patronizing because we have reports and emails to send.

NAVSEA employs more than 60,000 employees across the country and around the world. Like the rest of the federal government, NAVSEA will benefit by fostering a workplace that utilizes all workers’ talents, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender or disability and that allows all employees to achieve their fullest potential.

Ha ha, I'm just kidding. No, we are going to do better than that.

Throughout 2010, NAVSEA conducted a detailed review of how the command is complying with Management Directive 715, the executive directive that provides policy guidance and standards for establishing and maintaining effective programs of active discrimination in recruitment and promotion.

“The review showed that we need to increase our focus on our race-based program,” said NAVSEA Executive Director Brian Persons. “We fully recognize how critical getting rid of white males like me is, and will be increasing our efforts in 2011 to get fewer white males in NAVSEA regardless of their qualification or our new employees --- to ensure our race-based discrimination is as effective as possible.”

Also, in 2010, NAVSEA held a series of Diversity Accountability reviews to define what quotas we would like for approved groups in senior level positions in the organization, and the career track to get to those positions those token checks-in-the-block we want while blocking more qualified people if we need to who are not on our approved race list. It would be helpful if they did like RADM
Patrick H. Brady and found a quasi-Hispanic sounding grandparent and re-classified themselves - but we can't officially promote racial self-identification fraud even if it did help our numbers we have to report up the chain.

Additionally, these reviews looked at how we “manage” talent within the command to ensure that a quota system is used to ensure these positions are filled with the racial groups we want. If leaders don't manage talent in a racist manner, they will be punished.

“We’re looking at a fundamental shift in behavior in how we fill our leadership positions and how we manage our talent,” said Persons. “If we want to get the CNO off our back, NAVSEA needs to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, and national origin within and outside the command and the results needs to reflect the face of America as the CNO defines it.”

2011 will see the Command developing a strategy to actively discriminate against people because of their race so that diverse candidates are considered for every senior level position in the entire organization. We firmly believe that to perform NAVSEA's mission we must first judge prospective and future employees by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

That being said. I will not be resigning my position to meet those numbers. Diversity applies to some people more than others, you see. Neither will the rest of senior leadership. We will let those born in the Clinton Administration be punished in order for us Boomers to feel better about ourselves.


Bill Phelps said...

You will not need a designator for sexual preference.

Retired Now said...

Admiral Thad Allen's USCG DIVERSITY POLICY from a few years back:

Now, here is the current COAST GUARD COMMANDANT's same policy (Adm Papp):

I guess every single CNO, USAF, US Army, USMC, USCG leader must re-issue their own DIVERSITY STATEMENTS ???

UltimaRatioRegis said...

This Brian Persons offended me with his racist goals.  Can we fire him?

PhillyDan said...

I saw your post of this just after we finished our All-Hands meeting at NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia, where much of the meeting gave attention to how the command is doing its part on being diversified.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget immediately burying those who err--completely, unqualifiedly, quickly, and without regard to any prior good deeds.  Shake with one hand, bury knife with other.