Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making your own luck

Part of me wants to ask where were his Shipmates. Part of me wants to bemoan our inability to have a decent drinking education due to our self-destructive 21-yr old drinking age. Part of me wonder just why.

Mostly though I see an adult that for reasons best known to him
just blew his ride, has a lot of personal and family things to take care of, and should drop to his knees in thanks that no one in town was hurt and that he is still alive.

Gut check time. Good luck bouncing back - you're young, healthy, & smart. The world is still yours if you want it. No Navy though. No one to blame but yourself - remember that, learn from it, then let it go.
A Naval Academy senior and admiral’s son, charged with breaking and entering an Annapolis home in early December, has been kicked out of the academy, a school spokesman confirmed Wednesday.

Michael Guadagnini was discharged from the Naval Academy on Tuesday, academy spokesman Cmdr. Joe Carpenter said. The former midshipman first class faces charges of breaking and entering and malicious destruction of more than $500 worth of property after allegedly trespassing on an Annapolis residence on Dec. 2. His trial date is March 14.

An Annapolis attorney representing Guadagnini declined to comment. Guadagnini is the son of Rear Adm. Mark Guadagnini, commander of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group,

Police say Guadagnini stumbled onto the back patio of a house on Regent Street, about three miles from campus, in the early morning hours of Dec. 2. The academy had held its annual service assignment night, but the celebrations that followed had ended at midnight, when liberty expired.

Guadagnini wandered drunk into the backyard, Annapolis police spokesman Maj. Scott Baker said. The family’s dog started barking at him.

This awoke the homeowners. A startled Brian Brown saw the 22-year-old, in uniform, and told him to go away, Brown said in an e-mail. Guadagnini responded by allegedly kicking in the patio door. Guadagnini then stepped into what appeared to a be a playroom, filled with children’s furniture, a plastic buggy and stacked board games, as seen in a photo Brown provided to Navy Times.

Brown wrote that he told Guadagnini to get out and tried to snatch his nametag, but missed. Then, just as abruptly as he’d come, Guadagnini left.

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