Monday, January 31, 2011

The other Honors

I wonder if Brokaw was ever asked what he thought of CAPT Honors?

Go to the 7 minute mark to see. Interesting in a variety of ways. Mostly though - in contrast to what everyone thinks they know about CAPT Honors, I think what this does is show to many who may not know a simple fact; we do show different faces depending on who the audiance is.

Among friends you trust, you can let your hair down a bit. In front of the taxpayer, you act as they expect. When the two worlds cross - bad things can happen.

For the professional though, this is a good reminder of two things - neither the camera nor the press is ever your friend.

Still .... the whole thing still makes me sad.
UPDATE: Remember when this started I told you that there was no way the CO & the CSG Commander did not know about this? Well, this is about to get very ugly. From the VA Pilot,

In a statement to investigators, Capt. Owen Honors said he had "affirmative and tacit approval of senior Navy leadership" when he made and broadcast a series of videos to the crew of the carrier Enterprise in 2006 and 2007.

The former Enterprise commander said in his 15-page statement to Fleet Forces Command that the ship's two commanding officers, two strike group admirals and "myriad other senior military and civilian distinguished visitors" were aware of the videos, the Navy Times reported on its website Sunday. The statement was dated Jan. 12.

David Brown, managing editor of the Navy Times, said Honors' statement includes two points - that senior leadership encouraged the videos by discussing them weekly and that Honors was never told to stop making them - that contradict what the Navy has reported.
The Navy first called them "humorous skits," then called them "clearly unacceptable" and said there would be an investigation.
The Navy Times reported this morning that two men who were captains at the time commanded the ship while Honors was the executive officer: Larry Rice and Ron Horton, who both now are rear admirals. Rice's Feb. 1 retirement was put on hold this month.

Two carrier strike group commanders also were aboard: retired Rear Adm. Raymond Spicer and now-Vice Adm. Daniel Holloway, commander of 2nd Fleet, the newspaper reported. 

Honors also said in his statement that the commander of Strike Force Training Atlantic at that time, Rear Adm. Richard O’Hanlon, also was aware of the videos and approved them. O'Hanlon is now commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic, according to the Navy newspaper.
Well Navy, are we about to go through another round of unnecessary, self-inflicted pain?

We should have stuck with our first instinct, but that was then, this is now. We wanted the full truth - well it looks like we are going to get it good and hard.

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