Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well .... it was a nice FF(not-so-G)

The USS Bertandernie ... errrr .... MCINERNEY (FFG-8), as you all know, is now the PNS Algaier.

She had a few more things to do in Mayport before she left for sunny Pakistan ... and well ... it looks like she may be here a little longer.

The Mayport Underground is a-buzz .... this is an initial report from a few sources, but - probably well within a standard deviation.
While doing dock trials in preparation for next week's sea trials, someone engaged the shaft clutch.

The ship then pulled against the Kevlar reinforced lifelines until they snapped. The ship shot towards the head of the pier (about 100 ft) and hit so hard that it rode up the pier, striking a large crane with the bullnose.

The sonar dome is wiped, oil is leaking into the river, and the ship is currently settling by the bow. Initial damage estimates are pointing towards the following voids: 4-H-0-V, the chain locker, 4-27-0-V, the 5-32-0V, and the 64 fuel tanks too.
If anyone can smuggle out pictures of the damage - please send them my way. Yes, I am talking to you - but don't get yourself in trouble over it.

Should I make a joke about Pakistani taxi drivers? Nawww. That wouldn't be fair.
UPDATE & BUMP: Well - here's your sign.

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