Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank goodness for the stimulus ....

Now, aren't you glad you borrowed all that money from your Grandchildren? You see, we now have the best and the brightest running things - and they can see all.

What you see is the graph used by the Obama economic salesmen to sell the stimulus package - the one where we trade pork for jobs - you know that theory, the one that never works. Anyway, the red triangles show where we are. You can read that as one of two things, both assume that the Obama economic salesmen are incompetent or liars because they were so wrong just with the short-term projection; one, we didn't go into enough debt to save jobs - or all that debt did nothing but maybe actually hurt. Either way, the debt is real.

Everyone should take very seriously the difference between what is projected and what happens. Gov'munt and politicians almost always sell the rosy scenario. Remember that....especially when you look and think about the debt projections.

Great work by Innocent Bystanders doing the work the MSM won't.

Hat tip Powerline.

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