Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chairman; just spend some time on the computer

Gee wizzz - you're soaking in it.
The top U.S. military officer on Monday called for more innovative approaches to military challenges, saying that throwing money at new weapons programs wasn't always the answer.
Not just here, but throughout the MilBlogosphere we have been bleating about costs for years - years ... and providing options. Many of us, ahem, don't even blog under our real names because of the atmosphere towards dissent that existed when you were CNO (...and to be fair, before).

Recall Admiral - the poster-children of out of control costs; LCS, DDG-1000 and LPD-17 to name a few - were all children of your watch. Talk about your mistakes so we can learn from them.

It's called mentoring. We're standing by.

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