Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hunting rabbits with Cane Corso

This in a way makes me sad.
Chinese subs leaving port to hide in deep water must be identified and followed as they sortie out from the shallow waters. Now a significant capability of the Zumwalt-class destroyer becomes essential - the ability to defend itself with a significant punch while locating, tracking and identifying Chinese submarines in the cluttered littoral waters off Hainan Island and elsewhere.

Should a Chinese ballistic submarine make a run for open water in times of a building crisis, a future Zumwalt destroyer can tag it in shallow water, follow it to blue water and pass that intelligence along to a Burke destroyer and American attack submarines. This not only keeps America safer, it also keeps American sailors safer.
If he can get this published in a real newspaper - where is Gal, Eagle1, SJS, Chap and my paycheck? Heck; Sid and Byron too! (LBG, you only gets Penthouse Forum, sorry) - MTH, well - do you have to ask?

The author, who I will not name and shame, went to Annapolis and is a no kidding writer. Sad...

We have managed to confuse so many smart people with our not-smart shipbuilding programs that we have those people thinking you can best hunt a SS with a Pocket Battleship sized ship that can't even defend itself from air attack sufficiently.

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