Monday, May 04, 2009

Senator Sestak?

Yes; I am laughing. I am laughing the cackle of Tim the Enchanter.

We have been
watching Angry Joe since he was fired by the CNO.

We warned everyone he could be a Congressman. We had fun with his childish need to be known as the retired VADM he wanted to be instead of the RADM he is. We have had fun with his bow-at-the-hip attitude to jihadists in PA - but mostly we have felt sorry for those on his House Staff as no one knows Sestak as well as those who knew him in uniform.

One thing that has always been there has been Sestak's ego and the unquestionable faith he has in the one thing that is the greatest thing in the country to Joe Sestak - that is Joe.

When Specter got spooked by Toomey and switched to "D," one of the first things that came to mind was, "I wonder if Angry Joe will let Spectator run alone in the Democrat Primary."

Well, take it away Congressman, via TPM ....
...on Hardball tonight, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) said for the record what many of us have long inferred--that he's "thinking of getting in" to Pennsylvania's 2010 Democratic primary.

He's come a long way. Seems like only yesterday, he was standing by his position that he was perfectly happy in the House and had no intention of dropping out. But in reality that was more like four days ago, and even then he was putting in a lot of face time on the networks.

Now when he appears, he reiterates themes and everything--questioning Specter's sincerity and leadership, touting his military record, and referencing a local diner in his district (where it seems he spends an inordinate amount of time). But still, this counts as a bit of news.

Again, 2010 is a long way off, and Specter will cast many-a-vote between now and then. But it's becoming pretty clear that Sestak isn't going to let him breathe easy along the way.
The pull quote is,
(Sestak on Specter running unopposed in Democrat Senate Primary)"It isn't Washington's decision.."

"I'll wait and see. Is he gonna be for what we believe in. if it's not good for Pennsylvania, well then we'll make that decision."

He is all over the place. I saw him on CNN for a second as well. In addition to DDG-1000, LCS, and shipbuilding in the 2000s in general, perhaps we can add firing Joe to the list of Admiral Mullen's successful accomplishments during his tour as CNO. Feel free to add more.

I am laughing so hard, I think I just wet myself.

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