Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Call it Moonbatistan or sump'n

From The Economist. Forget a new Constitution, I like this instead.
THE problem with those lefties on California’s coast is that they “love fish, hate farmers,” says Virgil Rogers in his Okie twang, so common in California’s Central Valley. Actually that’s just where the problems start, and he begins to list them. So different are the folks by the sea and in the interior, he says, that the only way forward is to split the state in two.

Thirteen coastal counties, from Los Angeles to Marin, just north of San Francisco, should become the 51st state, to be named whatever they please; the remaining 45 counties would remain simply “California”. Based on the reaction he gets at farm fairs, he reckons his recently founded organisation will easily collect enough signatures—the number required is currently around 700,000—to force the split onto the ballot by 2012. Winning, of course, would be an entirely different matter.
Yea, Moonbatistan. Marin to LA County - it fits.

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