Friday, May 15, 2009

Admiral's Call

BZ to VADM Harvey for this - and going to SailorBob to do it.

If you are a SWO Department Head - he wants to hear from you on this thread.

If you are a SWO Division Officer - he wants to hear from you on this thread.

An example of some of the feedback he is getting - in this case from a LCDR "SWO STAR",
1. Optimal manning. Going from 330 on the DDG down to 270 hurt and hurt bad. All the N1 wizards in the world can spin whatever web they want about work hours the truth is that it corrodes the ability to self train and preserve the ship on the paradigm we have. I have seen it on numerous ships on the waterfront. Where is the CSTT TIC? Oh...she isnt here because she is off at AIC school for five weeks for that CCR and because we have 17 OSs instead of 28 so we only have 2 TICs. So who is going to observe and train the TIC? Chief will do it. No he wont because he is the AAWC CSTT and covering for the missing OS1 billet that we don't have anymore. Well make it work somehow. BMC the waterline and bow need painting. Well sir we have 8 less deck seaman and BMs than we did when we got here so I am going to have to have BM1 and BM2 bust rust and the duty section do it all the way up to sunset and have them start again at first light. Sounds like a plan chief but make sure the punt is out of the water by 0800 because we have ATG coming over for AT/FP cert tomorrow before we get underway to go to Seal Beach in afternoon. Darn it sir that means we can only do the waterline.
VERY good stuff.

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