Saturday, May 09, 2009

Drill CINC Drill

Give credit where credit is due. BZ to the CINC, via IBD.
President Obama is quietly keeping his options open on offshore oil projects. He told Democratic lawmakers last week that his administration may consider more drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.

The May 5 meeting with members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee had been called to discuss climate change legislation.

But Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., asked if the White House was going to reinstate the moratorium on drilling that lapsed last year, according to lawmakers there. Obama replied that he would not, because the country might need to develop those resources. “The president was fairly pointed in saying we need to have domestic production,” said Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas,who backs such drilling.

According to Green, Obama said: “We are not going to drill everywhere off the shore of every state, but, if there is reason to get there, we think we can produce it (in an) environmentally safe (manner) in our own country.”
Watch for follow through, but a good report.

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