Monday, May 04, 2009

Martime Strategy Monday: Internal STRATCOM

BZ to all involved in this. Regardless of what you may think of the present MARSTRAT - this was smart.
Issue: Discovery Channel Documentary

Discussion: Discovery Channel continues work on a 3-part documentary focusing on various aspects of the Maritime Strategy in action. The series is expected to air around Labor Day 2009. The intent of this project is to provide the American public with a comprehensive view of the Navy through interesting and compelling television. A Discovery Channel embark was recently completed in the C5F AOR for the at-sea mini series. The trip was a success, with filming aboard various ships to include the USS BOXER (LHD 4) and USS EISENHOWER (CVN 69). The next step is the production of vignettes for use by Navy Recruiting. A Discovery production crew will be traveling to Monterey, CA this week to shoot a segment on the CTI community. CTI1(NAC) Angel Diaz, serving as an instructor at the Defense Language Institute, will be interviewed for the segment. He is fluent in both Spanish and Arabic and is an outstanding Sailor.

Desired effect: Showcase the 21st century Navy in a unique and compelling way across a multitude of communication mediums. Discovery Channel intends to air this production in both English and Spanish.

Action: None. FYSA only.

I know Galrahn hit it earlier this year, but it is worth repeating.

Hat tip BUPERS Spy.

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