Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terrorists double victory

As outlined very well by Nemanja Malisevic, the terrorists have started 2008 with two very solid victories.
...these victories ... were scored in Brussels and Lisbon. What is worse is that the terrorists did not even have to "work" for them.

First, the authorities in Belgium canceled the traditional New Year's Eve fireworks in Brussels because of security concerns linked to terrorism. Then, a few days later, the Paris-Dakar Rally was canceled for the first time since its inception in 1979.
The civilized world need to find its ball soon. Preemptive surrender is no way to keep your daughters out of a Burqa.
Terrorists have started the year with much momentum. Now it is up to the national authorities, the international community and individual citizens to ensure that this trend does not continue.

State and corporate resources must be made available to ensure not only that such social events are held as planned, but to protect, as much as possible, the safety of participants and audiences whenever and wherever they to take place.

Public support must be mobilized against those who aim to deprive us of these gatherings. Public discussion should go hand in hand with increased vigilance.

The statement of Dakar's organizers defiantly asserts that the "cancellation of the 2008 edition does not endanger the future" of the race. Nonetheless, it is clear that terrorist groups across the globe will take note of this development.

In the current state of fear, they do not even have to strike anymore - merely threatening to do so may already do the job.
Exactly; does anyone here think 2009 is going to be any safer than 2009? Get our game face on folks.

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