Monday, January 07, 2008

Comic book Al-Qaeda

I remember growing up, it always bothered me that from Batman to James Bond, the bad guys were so unrealistic and silly. So, well....
How do you track down a foe without a face? That is the challenge posed by Baitullah Mehsud, the man who could well be the newest Enemy No. 1 in the War on Terror. Since he first emerged as a young jihadist leader three years ago, the black-bearded and slow-talking tribal leader has transformed his Mehsud clan's mountainous badlands in the northwest corner of Pakistan into a safe haven for Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban and outlawed Pakistani jihadists. Though uneducated, and only in his mid-30s, Baitullah snookered Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf into a fake peace deal two years ago—and even got him to hand over a few hundred thousand dollars. Just as important, Baitullah has learned the hard lessons of previous jihadists who grew too enamored of the spotlight for their own good. According to Afghan Taliban who know him, he travels in a convoy of pickups protected by two dozen heavily armed guards, he rarely sleeps in the same bed twice in a row, and his face has never been photographed.
Come on! This guy is almost as silly as The Penguin and Goldfinger.

Face never seen? Well, that is from one of the Brit papers I picked up last week. Check out the hair. That dude uses curlers.

I don't care if that isn't him. Just from a PSYOPS point of view, we should say it is and publish this all over the world. BTW, sorry I can't find it online, but the scan looks fairly good.
UPDATE: Thanks to C-low, we have a digital pic via the LongWarJournal. Thanks!

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