Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bleg re: Northrop PPT on NSF vs. LCS

I need a PPT (yes, I am asking for an UNCLAS PPT on the National Security Frigate). Here is the subject;
Northrop began sharing a PowerPoint presentation about the proposal with Navy officials and lawmakers at the end of December, and has already met with several senior officials, including Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead.
Why do I find it interesting?
The proposed ship can be deployed for 60 days without new supplies, has a range of 12,000 nautical miles, and can travel at 29 knots, fast enough to keep up with other warships. That compares to 20 days and a range of 3,500 miles for LCS.
Anything that, literally uses "HULLS IN THE WATER FASTER" as a selling point gets a worthy look from me, NVR be damned. $400 million fixed price. Need more detail, but here is the USCG version;
Length: 418ft.
Beam: 54ft.
Draft: 21ft.
Full Load Displacement: 4,306lt
Total Enclosed Deck Area: 54,139sq. ft.
Fuel: 659lt
Propulsion Plant: Combined diesel and gas turbine; with two 9,655hp diesel engines and one 30,565bhp gas turbine
Max Sustained Speed: 28kts
Range: 12,000nm
Endurance: 60d
Crew: 148
Armament: One MK110 57mm gun; one 20mm Close In Weapon System; one Mk53 NULKA active expendable decoy system
Sensors: X&S band surface search radar; EADS 3D air search radar; SPQ-9B fire control radar; Mk46 electro-optical/infrared sensor; SLQ-32 electronic warfare system
Communications: HF, VHF & UHF; radio direction finder
Stern Launch: Two cutter boats (Long Range Interceptor and/or Short Range Prosecutor)
Aviation Facilities: One MH-65C or HH-60T and two vertical launch unmanned aerial vehicles, or other combinations.
If you have a Nansen like 8-cell minimum MK-41, then we need to be lining up for it. Get a dozen, call it an FF, FFG, or Corvette if you want - don't care. Keep the industrial base at least limping along until we get something better. Maybe, but it would be great for stuff like this. Remember, Support Diversity!

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