Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting off the fence

This is sad, to me at least. It started with ninme last year with my punt that I don't like when done by others, and I shouldn't tolerate it in myself. I try to be my best critic, and in this case the voice of Papa Salamander kept coming up, "Either sh1t of get off the pot, son!"

Some background.

As is obvious to regular readers, I have a hair trigger for the enablers, useful idiots, fellow travelers, and professional apologists for Islamists. Zero tolerance for these people. It has nothing to do with religion either - it all has to do with their core view of the human existence. Their belief that the human spirit should be beaten down, free will expunged with the edge of a knife and the end of the whip - choice boiled down to submission or death. No, I cannot abide that view of human existence. I am intolerant of that intolerance. I do not apologize for my intolerance. I embrace my intolerance as the best way to preserve tolerance.

I don't come to that end by accident. One of the major reasons I have that core belief is a byproduct in my teenage years of a short flirtation with the Left. The short flirtation ended for good when I started to educate myself on the true nature and end of the Left - the first lesson was when I stumbled on to the story of the Ukranian famine of the 1930s when Stalin decided the way to a worker's paradise was to destroy the Kulaks - and the desire of so many on the Left not to condemn it or to make excuses for it. It just didn't make sense to me why "good" people would made excuses for a genocidal maniac and the system that gave him power. I then started to see more and more on the Left who would not condemn Communist Death Cult nations simply because, well - I still don't get it.

I have always seen Communists in the same well as Fascists. Goldberg isn't the first one to make the connection. To keep the correct logic in place, I have been a bit angry at myself that I have not been calling out Fascist apologists like I call out Communist apologists.

No longer. I am picking sides. I have always trusted Dr. Rusty Shackleford's instincts, and am ashamed with myself for not coming out stronger earlier. I stand with Rusty next to Charles Johnson and for that matter Robert Spencer as well. It is political suicide to align yourself or to be seen in the same room with the nasty bits of the Euro-Right. Even if they are right in some slither of a way in their opposition to Islamist - they have a negative Strategic Effect though in the cause of the West in general.

Also, I am also very aware of "Popular Front" politics. Don't let them in the door. If you have let them in - kick them out and accept their bile. I know some of my Blog Buddies have directly aligned themselves with the neo-Fascist fringe of the Euro-right though not of that bent, and some have gone so far as to suspend reality to defend them. I won't de-Blogroll my Blog Buddies right now as most of them I know are smart, clearheaded individuals and will come around. If not, then at the right time I will bid them farewell.

I am neither Black or Red - call me Blue.

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