Thursday, January 17, 2008

I voted last week

I really didn't think I would post about this, as I know how divisive politics can be and from Tin Foil Hat Left to the Buchanan Brigades right; I really don't want to lose too many of my readers over who I do or do not vote for. That being said, I do throw some elbows here now and then, so I shouldn't be such a puss about rubb'n someone the wrong way. Good people can disagree and still get along - at least that is how I think.

I voted by absentee ballot in FL. I voted for Giuliani.

I know that isn't where the trend is, but he is where I wound up about three months ago and I see no reason to change. I disagree with him on many things, but I never demand perfection. Yes, he does have personal issues, but don't we all?

I do know the world I live in. I do know what the President can and cannot do. I do know the type of personality we need in office.

I won't spend a lot of time trying to sell Giuliani to you - each person must make up their own mind and Giuliani's policies on the Federal level are well known. I will, however, outline for you what prevented the other candidates from getting my vote. Except for Ron Paul, I could support them all against Clinton or Obama - but for now, my vote is what it is.

In order of place:
- Romney: Once my top pick. Very smart, but only confident in those areas I consider of second and third importance.

- McCain: Freedom of Speech. Taxes. Immigration Bill. Good in Iraq; but that doesn't make up for the rest compared to Giuliani.

- Thompson: He would make a fine Attny. General.

- Huckabee: As a Southern Baptist myself - I do not want a Pastor as President.

Oh, best VP for me? Duncan Hunter.

Like I said, I am not going to write in detail why I am a Giuliani fan. I feel the man speaks for himself. Just watch at the 1:39 point when the Moonbat interrupts the Gold Star Mother in Jacksonville. That should help you understand a bit where I am. That is why I decided to tell you who I voted for.

Thanks to Capt. Ed for the video.

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